Best way to place out a large amount of instanced meshes within an actor?


I have a fairly massive machine I’ve made in 3D that I want to bring into Unreal. To save on performance I had the idea of replacing all the bolts on it with 1 instanced bolt that I can place out using instanced static mesh within the actor in UE4. That way I’ll bring the vertex count down by tens of thousands.

However, there are a lot of bolts to place and they’re not all in neat rows or anything resembling a pattern so using blueprints to spawn them seems virtually impossible. Some of them are in reoccurring groups but since you don’t appear to be able to move an InstancedStaticMesh component (with all its instances) using the translation arrows, but instead have to manually type in the values into the Transform box, copying the InstancedStaticMesh group doesn’t really seem practical either.

Is there a way to do this, rather than have to spend days just manually placing one bolt at a time?