Best way to place decorations/furniture in buildings?

I’m making an open world map, I’ve got some buildings and I was just wondering what the best method of placing decorations/furniture into them is?

  1. Blueprints - Pros: If you update an asset, it gets updated in every building automatically.
    Cons: Blueprints lag with lots of components. New set of draw calls for every component, even if its the same asset.

  2. Place it in 3D modelling app. Pros: No laggy BPs. Minimum draw calls.
    Cons: Can’t update components in every building just by updating the asset as you can with a BP.

Is there any other way, or are we limited to these 2 methods? What is the optimal way?

Thanks :smiley:

I agree with you that there is something more optimal out there I just forgot what. I hope someone can answer this.