Best Way to Pass on Assets to Others in My Design Team

Hello I’m fairly new to UE4 and I’m completely new to buying and using assets purchased from the marketplace. What’s the best way to pass on assets to others on my design team? I noticed when I purchased and downloaded several assets they downloaded to my account only.

right click the assets in ur Content u want to pass to your team, migrate it out, then pass it to your team. (Make sure your team don’t the assets to others outside of the project)

No, dont do that.
You should tell Epic Games who your team is. I have seen other people do that as well. The staff will deal with sharing your assets with your team mates.
I am not sure if there was a form that you had to fill out, but I think that was the case. Just google a little.

I believe they discontinued that practice after complaints by some creators that there was no way to keep track of legitimate sales and team content ownership. @raventhebird has the right idea on how to handle content distribution among teammates. Just make sure they’re aware that they cannot use it with any project outside of yours.

Here’s the quote from Chance Ivey on the discontinuation of that practice:

“Sharing Marketplace Assets with Teams
Marketplace asset sharing needs to be handled via the purchaser’s team’s method of source control / project sharing. We previously had a process in place that allowed team members to request access to packs that others had purchased, but we’ve done away with that model for a number of reasons. This is how sharing in teams should be encouraged when asked, as teams are already going to be sharing their project via some other method and this approach will fight off unwanted sharing of your digital goods.”

Ok. But in that case:

Migrating the content is still not allowed apparently. One should use a source control to share his stuff?
Or was that just a suggestion?

The quote said it should be handled by the team’s method of “source control / project sharing”… This means if your method of project sharing is simply uploading the project to dropbox, that’s fine. The main point is that you don’t give your team members a copy of the asset, but rather access/a copy of your project with it integrated. None of us want to force a team to have to all buy the assets, but we would appreciate it if, after that project is done, if those team members want to go off and use the assets for their own projects, we see some sort of funds from that :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to supplement your comment here, the reason this was changed was because the staff used to grant ownership to everyone on the team - and there was no way to distinguish whether it was a legitimate sale or team access. By extension you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone who’s using your assets in a released project used them legitimately or lifted it from another game they were working on. Since that is no longer being practiced, there is no need to distinguish between two types of ownership. Now it’s a matter of did John/Jane Doe purchase this from the marketplace and have that history on their account.

I don’t think the delivery method really matters on how you share with your team, the point is Epic is no longer granting ownership rights for every member of the team. Your project leader can provide you with the assets to work on his/her project but you can’t use it outside of that.

Thanks for all your replies they are very helpful. I think it’s worth noting that I’m a high school teacher and my “team” are teams of high school students who are in no way going to be able to take the assets nor make any kind of money from them. They have been assigned a spring project they have to complete. :smiley:

Is there still no other way? Because sharing the assets via Perforce for example is complicated, because it needs a lot of space and you have no links to tutorials and descriptions of the content inside a project. Also it is a lot of space, wich does cost some money…

In a team environment, something like Perforce or another version control solution is absolutely necessary for other reasons than just sharing the initial files - it is well worth investing in.

Yes, your right. I use Perforce anyways for the project, but to share the assets I needed to make another project with all the marketplace assets inside it and load it on a Perforce Server. So the other guys can access them and migrate them to the original project if needed. Otherwise the original project gets totally messy I guess…
How would you do it?