Best way to package a dedicated server?

Hi all,

I’ve successfully built my dedicated server, and now i want to run it on a virtual machine so i can test network connectivity a little better. But copying over the server files results in errors, copying over the entire project results in errors… it seems to want me to have the engine source code available just to run the server.exe file? There has to be a better way than this. Has anybody successfully packaged and run a dedicated server anywhere other than their build machine? And if so, how?


It works for me. I pack it using the project laucher. Then I move the WindowsServer Folder to another pc.

Consider yourself lucky, I have never even been able to compile a dedicated server successfully.

@arbopa it is relatively easy

  1. add the YourGameServer.Target.cs to your Source dir

  2. regenerate your visual studio project file

  3. open your visual studio and compile your project with Development Server -> Win64 settings

This should compile successfully. If not post the log maybe i can help you :slight_smile:

I added the to the dir, then brought it into the project with an ‘add existing’. I can’t seem to figure out how to regenerate the project file… I know how you do for the whole UE4 source, but not for just a single project like this. Maybe that’s why my popdown does not have ‘development server’ as an option.


Found ‘refresh visual studio project’. When I run that I get:

… nevermind, fixed that bit… but I do not get ‘developerserver’ as a build option…

That would indicate that you’re not running an engine built directly from source, but using the retail build instead.

So you need to rebuild the engine, thus making yet another ‘version’ to sit on your hard drive, so your project needs to be converted, just to build a server? That seems absolutely insane and wasteful. Not to mention then you need to keep track of what build you are using on which project?