Best way to move character for attacking?

Hello guys. ive been trying to make a third person boss fight game and i have issue trying to figure out which way is the best way to move character toward the enemy when attacking (small movement toward enemy). ive been trying SetActorLocation with lerp in AnimNotifyState and also launch character physics based. my issue is that the character doesn’t move properly if the for example he is on a slope surface like stairs. Sometimes also seem to he move really fast toward downstairs and really slow when facing upward. Which way is the best way to get the kind of movement done the same way input movement move the character around? Thanks

But im trying to move the player not the boss. Navmesh doesnt provide any adding movement for player.

Best way is to use a NavMesh and Behavior Tree for the brain of the AI, look it up.

Hmm that’s quite weird usually lunch character usually is enough for dash and attacks, so I get back with that for you. I think know why your character getting slower when looking up or down. Its because of world direction in Add Movement you need to break camera rotation and make a new one with only Z axis then get the forward vector from the rotation, the stairs thing can be same thing because you look up or down going down the stairs.

Actually just checked with launch character on stairs and it works quite good, there is the same problem as before with the camera if you getting the forward vector from it then you need to get only the Z from its rotation and get the forward vector from that. If that doesn’t help that means your stairs doesn’t have best collision try changing its collision to a ramp. Tell me if that doesn’t help, good luck.

Yes that was exactly what was the issue thank you very much for the time you put into figuring out . it worked like a charm