Best way to model walls for unreal engine 4?

Hi guys,

I am trying to create some simple yet modern walls for a scene I want to make. However, they are mostly looking great, there are a few small bits about the walls that I don’t like, so I was wondering if there is an alternate way to make walls that are accurate in measurement without these annoying error thingys.

Here is a picture of my wall in my scene. As you can notice the wall has an outline/coping on the bottom which I want my wall to have to make it look more realistic, however no other tutorials I have found include making an outline for walls.

The problem with this wall, is the outline mesh. From this photo you can clearly see different faces. I want to avoid this but I am not sure any other ways to model my mesh.

Here is the mesh in 3ds , I used the AEC Walls to make the outline.

Is there any better way to create walls with an outline, like in the apartment demo from Unreal. I would love for someone to link me a tutorial or something because I can’t find one. Or, is this wall sufficient for my scene that I am trying to make as high quality as possible, or in other words will people not notice it?

Thanks for any help!

For simple things like that you could also use the bsp brush + convert it to a mesh -> with this technique you mostly dont have any errors :slight_smile:

Most likely it’s a lightmapping issue

Build your scene with higher quality lighting? Increase the meshes lightmap resolution?

Why the extra vertices? Why not just the corner verts?

You could always create an alternate version of that wall which has an outline that ends where the other begins.

Yes. If you don’t need the wall to be modular, I would use corner verts and make sure the lightmap UVs has the faces on the top of the ledge separated from the wall itself. That way you don’t get mixing from the light parts of the ledge with dark parts on the wall, or vice versa.