Best way to make vehicle navigation?

so i created a blueprint for AI vehicle, now i need to make this vehicle move along a path, my current way now is that am creating an array of transforms which is very tedious work to locate each transform on the road, is there an easier way using the road spline or something??

Hi there,

Peter L Newton has a tutorial (and sample project for download in the video description) from here:

He uses Waypoints in his tutorial instead of transforms, I have not had time to try it out yet, but it should help get you started implementing AI. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replay, peter’s example have been very helpful, but i found better way for me to create a path, by creating spline and getting point from it to be my waypoints, this video was helpful Unreal Engine 4 Road Tool in Blueprints with Spline and SplineMesh - Part 2 SplineComponents - YouTube

I found that tutorial as well very helpful! Hope it helps you to implement your AI system!

I will mark this as resolved for now, but if any issues come up you can let us know by posting here and the case will be re-opened. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Would you happen to have any more details as to your solution? Did you modify Peter’s project, or create your own? Could you post your blueprint?