Best way to make transition between two animations smooth.

Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out if there is a better way to have a better transition from one animation to the other.

In my case I have an aim pose animation , a character pointing a pistol straight one handed but then I have a recoil/firing animation that’s firing the pistol from the hip so there is
some weird snapping to the hip and then back to the aim pose that’s happening when I fire a weapon.

What I did then is make the recoil animation additive from within the animation asset editor and made it so it’s using as base pose the aim pose.

Inside the animation blueprint I am using an apply mesh space additive node and tweaking the alpha number makes it better but the recoil animation is almost gone.

I know that probably there is no way to make this transition perfect since the position from the aim animation with the hip firing position have a big difference but is there something
else I can have a look at to improve it a bit?

Thanks in advance!