Best way to make money for a complete newbie, choose ue or something else, moneys or dreams?

Hi all, may this isn’t a good question here, in that case i will remove soon. However i was wondering where would be the best way to earn moneys with game dev? So i realized that the mobile should be the best choice: android subscription cost just 25 euros, and you can start to upload games, you can easily get players, in the pc world instead is more expensive to publicize. Starting from the title, i am a complete newb, i never released a complete game. Reading some questions here and there i saw that it would be better to start with simple 2d games, and then pass to 3d. My goal would be to make a 3d third/first person shooter/action game but this wouldn’t make money…yes it will be but it requires a lot of time. In a shorter time 2d games for mobile are easier and costs less. Now going a bit off-topic: IF it is right that 2d mobile games dev is the (not absolutely) fastest and easier way to make moneys with games, would be good to stick with ue or use something else? The point is that this…else scares me. I don’t like unity, i prefer ue for a lot more reasons, i do not compared them and i do think that using “the best engine for your game” isn’t the best way. You should learn 2 or more softwares to make great games…but i just want to learn one of them and use it for all…a lot off-topic but please give me some tips, i am fed up of all of these tutorials that says: “choose the best engine for your game”, “start small”. Even if they are right it is silly imho. Please help me guys. Thank you in advance

At this point it won’t matter much which platform or type of game you choose, the chance of making any serious money will be close to zero no matter what. So choose whatever engine, platform and genre you like. Have fun and learn as much as you can. When you get some more experience you can worry about how to best make money.

There’s no guarantee of success so if your goal is to make money then this isn’t a good way of doing it.
In the industry the best way to make money is to develop your skills and work for someone else. Doing your own game is very risky, that’s why it’s good to start small with no expectation of success so that you can build to bigger things.

“android subscription cost just 25 euros, and you can start to upload games, you can easily get players”
yes it is 25 euros, no its not easy to get players

“start small with no expectation of success”
good advice, take it

Thank you all for advices, in the question i may didn’t explained it but my point wasn’t to make money with no experience, just know what would be the best way to make money and learn in that direction. The point is why learning unity to “start small” (make 2d games beacause is better in that way) then learning ue beacause is my goal, it would waste time, and idl that. I do like game dev, i do not just want to make money easy way with a trending things (games). However thank tou all i hope ue4 will be way better on 2d. Hope a day i could contribute to this with the open source option. Cheers guys :smiley:

If you like 2d and want to focus on it, learn a dedicated 2d engine or framework (not Unity). Those have features and workflow focused on 2D and less other stuff to get in the way. The performance is also generally better.

But if you want flexibility UE is a great choice. 2D and low end mobile is not its strongest areas, but there are as you know many other advantages.

And as others have said, if you got a long term plan to make a living making games, focus on becoming really good in one area so you can work for company as part of a team.

Infact my goals aren’t 2d games, i prefer to play 3d games and my current ideas of open world batman-like ideas are not 2d and generally i do not like it

Prefer this genre to 2D too. But its also quite saturated despite being a whole lot of work.
In other words its popular for devs to work in this area, without any guarantee of success.
So if you want insights on the business side keep an eye on favourite genres on Steamspy…