Best way to make blood effects?

I have been looking through making my own with Mats/Textures then found the Body Shot blood splurt which is awesome though I am having trouble making it constant and also is there a way to make it GPU based so the blood will land on surfaces? Tried making my own with textures I have though it look like reddish blocks and don’t wana obey at all lol. If anyone could lead me to a tutorial or just a link on making blood effects that would fit a fighting game it would be much appreciated. Also tried to just make the water droplet particle emitters red even and I was able to get the little droplet splashes to look right but the PhysX pool it makes still is clear and the long droplets I was able to change but like I mentioned they just became odd squares and or rectangles :\ which looks like something from the Quake II days but with a normal applied. I am probably missing a simple step or function but ya any help would be great. Thanks.

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I am still looking for something here. I found a couple vids and awesome tuts done by the community to make blood decals to place on the ground/walls but I am still having a pain with the particle emitter and decals looking right on models. I don’t know if I am missing a step or what but even if I make a new one or copy one of the like 2 blood splash/splurt emitters in UE4 and try to change it the results are either it looks almost identical or I get messed up mesh squares. I am trying to go for fluid realistic blood for the fighting game my company is working on and the bullet impact is ok for somethings I guess but the other doesn’t fit at all. I would really be grateful if someone could point me in to the right direction. Not asking to have my hand held or anything I don’t mind doing the work needed I just am stuck at were to start.

Also I am trying to go for a fluid look not a splat image on a square sprite or something. I guess closes thing I can think of is like the new EA Sports UFC when you cuts them open and it’s droplets or Fight Night series when you get a nasty knock out and see the fluid blood fly or even like MK9/MKX but actually next-gen and not looking like pudding. Is it even doable right now in UE4? Or would It be easier to model the particles in Maya and export? Also is there a way to use Apex Lab to make Physx based blood like how BorderLands 2 did but not as comical obviously. Thanks in advance. Hopefully someone can help.

Check out this tut, it is for ue3, but in ue4 it will be almost the same workflow.

I actually ran in to that vid just a hour or so ago. Thanks it’s just kind of annoying cause I want to have particle based so it looks fluid and not just a odd or “generic” splatter pic being repeated constantly if that makes since. Been looking in to GPU based particles but when I tried to edit some of the ones included in UE4 they either don’t change or they just become large messed up sprite blocks. Probably something simple I am overlooking but ya. I appreciate the reply though. Love UE4 but at the same time it drives me mental lol.

Same question. Wondering about how to apply multiple blood splatters with different footprints to different surfaces. Possibly even mixing different shades of blood and having them mix together while having the proper color values updating accordingly.

The way I do it is to use SubUV textures. I have a bunch of different splatter images and use SubUV to pick one at random when bursting the particles. The particles accelerate downward over their life AND scale vertically over their life, which gives the impression of fluidity (since a ball of liquid becomes elongates as it falls).

These particles are set to collide, and they generate events on collision. Those events’ dispatcher (OnParticleCollide) is bound to another event in BP, which spawns decals at the location of the impact (using the same set of randomized SubUV images, since I’m lazy).

Looks like this: Dropbox - OilSplatter.webm - Simplify your life

Now, granted, I’m using black since this is supposed to be oil, and I could probably use SubUV animation for a more realistic look if I weren’t doing an intentionally-NPR graphical style… but hopefully this will give you some idea of how to get started.

That is great, thank you a million times over. I couldn’t wrap my head around a good starting point. You’re awesome

I’m struggling with this as well. I basically did everything you did in your screenshot but my custom OnCollision event does not seem to get triggered. I suppose I made a mistake somewhere while setting up the actual particle system (wrong settings for the Event Generator or the Collision or something). Any help in setting up the particle system would be appreciated.

Try setting that particle event generator from “any” to “Collision” specifically.

Thanks, that did the trick. The odd thing about this is, though, I’m pretty sure I already tried this.

On another note: I’m using this to count the particles that hit a specific object. The strange thing is, each time I start the editor the particles return collision events for EACH object they hit, not only the objects I specified (in my case “Destructible”). I have to change the type from Destructible to something else and change it back to Destructible in order to work properly again. And as I said, this has to be done each time I start the editor. I guess this is a bug?

Wait so you mean that everytime a collision happens with a destructible it stops working or at initialize of engine?

Maybe this image will clarify what I mean:

The bucket has the object type: World Dynamic
The jerrycan has the object type: World Dynamic
An invisible mesh at the jerrycan nozzle has the object type: Destructible (which is not even relevant, it just has to be another object type)

The water particles you see are set to produce collision events ONLY with Destructible and Projectile.
I’m counting the water particles that hit the nozzle, basically.

The thing is, right after starting the unreal editor these water particles produce collision events for everything they hit (the bucket, the jerrycan, etc), thus, making it impossible to acutally track the particles that only hit the jerrycan nozzle.

Now, in order to fix this behaviour, I have to set one of the Collision Types (which at that time are: Destructible and Projectile) for the particle effect to something else, like World Dynamic, and change it back to Destructible/Projectile. Basically, I do not change anything, I select something else and reselet the initial value.
This fixes for some odd reason the problem and after that the particles behave as expected (only producing collision events while hitting the nozzle).

A known bug. EVERY time I open my project I have to change EVERY colliding particle from WorldStatic to something else , back, and recompile. I reported it on AnswerHub and Epic knows about it, so it’s just something I’m waiting for them to finally patch.

Between that and DataTables breaking their own structs, I spend a solid 5 minutes every time I start up the editor just changing things and changing them back so that the game will run properly :confused:

Ahh sorry I have not responded to this. It never told me anyone replied after I did initially. I will test out the tut you posted iReddog. I am so sorry for the late response. I have a sample screen shot from a test room of the blood and the tweaked particle emitter so you can get more of an idea. Also the blood on the ground is just testing a deferred decal from using the DBuffer option and a tweak to the BaseEngine.ini file so they don’t flicker or have ghosting when models go past them. Also I don’t know why but when ever I try to upload images from my comp it errors out :expressionless: very annoying.