Best way to make a screen recording / video of UE environment walkthrough?

Hello! I am working on the creation of environment in ue10.4 and looking for the best way to make a recording of the walkthrough. (for a movie)
(on windows :slight_smile: )

-have tried making the recording into separate frames from unreal editor itself, but somehow the whole environment loads verly slow and becomes very shaky when moving cursor to look around the space, even though the quality is good…

-have also tried just launching the play mode and use microsoft screen capture (environment runs/loads fast) but the quality of the captured video is visibly bad…

I’d very much appreciate if somebody shares more efficient ways to do that, please let me know or post how you usually ‘render’ your environment into the movie:)

all best

Open Broadcaster Software is free and has a lot of recording options. If performance is bad while recording then that’s due to your PC hardware and you’d need faster hardware to fix it. There are some capture devices where you can plug your computer in and it records the monitor output so it wouldn’t affect performance of your PC but that’s an additional purchase.

Use a sequencer and animate a camera going through the world. It can capture up to 8k, anyfps video and it will buffer every frame for the render so the exported render will be high fidelity and run smoothly.

Nvidia shadow play (or the AMD equivalent) or OBS.

I use OBS but if you wanna take it to the next level, you can capture screenshots using NVIDIA Ansel plugin. You need to write a macro that will open ansel plugin, take a screenshot, go back to the game, play the game for 1 frame and repeat. Let it run for 3-4 hours and then you will have thousands of screenshots that you can make video from. You shouldn’t have lag problems in this way. 360 degree videos are supported as well. :slight_smile: