Best way to make a left and right foot based martial art locomotion system

Can anyone help with making a left foot and right foot based martial art locomotion system? I want to make a movement system like martial art, where end of each footstep it will be a right foot front stance or a left foot front stance. So, there is also two types of idle states (right foot idle stance or left foot idle stance). I have made one, but that is not so perfect. So, I want to learn the best way possible.

have an animation that is a left step and another that is the right step. Those animations stop at the idle pose relative to forward foot. Keep track of what animation ended or started (or both) either through anim notify events or through some other logic that keeps track of left/right foot forward.

This usually only occurs when a fighter intentionally changes stance though. Most people have a dominant foot or (lead foot) that they rest forward. Your forward step would most likely be dominant foot forward and trailing foot catch up animation or some kind of “strafe” like motion.

You could also use the same setup used to explain Anim Montage ( with some modifications of course):