Best way to look at an item to see how everything works?

For example I open the wooden storage box. I want to see how everything is setup for that item. Everything from the engram, the storage space, trigger to access. I’m a 3d artist, not a modder, but want to learn and create some simple items. Please help.

If you find the storage box BP, (dark blue line under the picture), you can open that up first. Then inside that file will be links to a primalitem and the static mesh. You can click the small magnifying glass next to that line to find where that file is to open/copy. You can also right click the item in the content browser and view the references. That will show everything linked to that item and you can then click things in that list and Find in Content Browser to locate just about anything connected to a file.

Alright I’ll definitely try it out. Still downloading the SDK, 58GB omg lol