Best way to learn UE4 fundamentals slowly/interactively?

Hello community,

I’m a 2nd-3rd year comp science university student. I feel I’m fairly competent with regards to my peers in my courses. We’ve focused mainly on C++ core concepts thus far, and this semester has been almost nothing but classes and pointers, with some recursion, linked lists, arrays, stack/queues etc thrown in. Coding our own replicas of the string library was one of our assignments, for example.

I’ve noticed I do much better learning in school if I have a very structured environment where I do actual, concrete work myself. Can you recommend any tutorials or work that I could buy or follow that would allow me to learn UE4 at my own pace but takes you through the basics? I’m more interested in learning the fundamentals of the engine, not necessarily trying to replicate a FPS. While making any game would be nice, I know I for one am only one person, and for two have little time right now except to study as a hobby. Thanks!

A good way is to take a look into the wiki or the Getting Started Videos on YouTube.
In my opinion the best way to learn the engine is with a project. My goal for example is a simple FPS. At the moment i just “Copy&Paste” the code from the shooter example into my project, but step by step, trying to understand what is happening and also try to predict the next steps, before looking into the example.

-start a own small project
-take a look at the official tutorials from epic games
-take a look at the documentation
-study the samples from the marketplace :slight_smile:

Best for starting is Epics tutorial channel on youtube.

Follow ones that you want to learn, then make some silly game like pac-man, tetris, space invaders or so. All with menu working logic etc. This will force you to get out of comfort zone. For eg. as programmer you probably do not bother with mesh optimization or making good materials etc. You do not need to be good in those areas, but knowing limitations of engine helps.

Thank you all for the helpful replies.

Dschadu, where is the shooter example project at? On the wiki I’m guessing? That sounds like a fantastic idea.
fighter5347, I had read about the marketplace coming but I didn’t know it was implemented yet. Thanks.
Nawrot, what do you mean when you say “menu working logic”?

You can find a fps template in the template tab in the launcher (when you create a new project) or a shooter demo in under the learn tab :slight_smile: