Best way to learn how to code (in my opinion)

Yesterday I was scared of c++ like of some monster.

Today I can say I know c++ and i’ll be diving in the source code this evening.
Here’s the tutorials I’ve followed and the method I used to learn it.

Disclaimer : I know how to use blueprints

  1. C++ Programming - YouTube this video teaches you c++ in the fastest way possible, it’s a 1hr video showing you almost everything you will need to know.
    Watching this will help you understand how much you will need to learn (not a lot), this will make you realize that the task is indeed achievable. After watching this video you’ll have a broad knowledge of c++ and you’ll be able to read it.

  2. C++ Programming Tutorials Playlist:
    This is a playlist of 73 videos that goes into detail on all the topics from the previous video, the guy explains very well and even beginners will be able to follow along.
    Watching 73 videos seems like a lot, that’s why I recommend watching the previous video.

These will give you most of the knowledge of c++, after watching them I am able to read and understand the source code of the engine and modify it to my liking.

Next I will be studying the ue4 part of c++, which will allow me to do things like creating actors in game and making functions and variables pop up in blueprints.

I will add more learning resources as I learn myself, I’ll try to post the things I was able to do in c++, so you’ll be able to follow my learning progress from the beginning

Sorry for some reason everything I wrote got cut off when I posted this, I have to start work now so I’ll rewrite everything when I get home

So you learned C++ in a day, or you already knew C++ and are not afraid of it anymore? Not sure what you are getting at.

I think it implies being scared of the mythology behind c++ and not wanting to touch it for fear of breaking everything to having understood it is a system of rules we can manipulate and thus being willing to delve into it. As opposed to mastering the art in a day.

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
New it looks as though they’re here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday.