Best way to learn Game Design and using Unreal Engine

Hi guys! As title say, what is the best way to learn those things? Anyone could suggest me some references, better if books and videos? My actual knowledge are all about PHP and markup languages, and I have narrative design skill so if I should develop a game I wish that it is with a strong narrative component – but with a bit of dynamic gameplay (Like telltale games or Dontnod). Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

UE4 Learn tab examples are great to learn basics, as well as the UE4 official documentation.
Purchasing different blueprints from the marketplace to dissect and reverse engineer are a quicker way to understand more complex things. Of course searching Youtube for solutions can accelerate learning also.
Plus 1000s of hours of your sweet, precious time that’ll definitely be the best way

I started learning ue4 and 3d art around 4 years ago by doing just that. I then decided to go and get a formal education in game design/art/programming, so I did a diploma in screen and media specializing in game art, an advanced diploma in digital and interactive games, and a degree in media that has an entire subset of subjects in game art and game creation. just from my own learning from the docs/epic tuts/amazing people on these forums and anything I could scrounge around from the internet and mess around with, I’ve always been way ahead of the rest of my class and gave my lecturers headaches trying to get them to understand the things I’ve done for my projects.

don’t be afraid to break things, it’s the best way to learn.

The best way is to get some action on what is being read/watched - just read trying to understand it probably just 20% of it. When you start fire UE4 Editor and follow the tutorial on youtube/epic doc, and when the ‘ahaa’ comes out - it is the moment of enjoyment that will push you forward toward UE4 mastery…

If you want to just do level design stuff, try the Unreal Tournament editor. It has a lot of assets and gameplay already done and you can test it with AI bots!

Okay, thanks for the advices! Anyway, is it worth get a bachelor’s degree in Game Design? If yes, in what university (EU)?

For the most part, no, there’s few game design courses that are worthwhile. There’s limited time in class and you don’t usually have that many classes.
Usually you’re better off saving your money and learning on your own, even then you can do stuff like paid online tutorials and workshops for much much less than going to university.

The degree isn’t all that valuable so it has to be a case where you really learn what you need to and are well equipped to apply for jobs when you’re near graduation.

M-mh. Okay, thanks!
Anyway I get this books

The udemy courses have done a lot to get me a good stable foundation.

Is it good?

The top rated courses are very good yes.

The top rated courses are very good yes.

Like these?

Yep both of those are ace.

The art of game design is a really good book. It was one of my required textbooks and I still use it from time to time.

Hey I just went to an EAST training in unreal engine level design and I think that if you look up level design in unreal engine on youtube you should be able to find some things in that but I was at the training from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. And I have learn a lot from those two days