Best way to learn creation of concept art?

As per the title, what’s the most succinct resource for learning how to create effective concept art? Cheers.

What do you exacly mean with effective concept art?

One of the crucial - if not the most critical - aspects of learning how to create art is time. There is no way to learn it by just reading a book or watching a tutorial.

First you need to learn the basics like perspectives and constructions: This guy helped me a lot -> Youtube



Cheers, those videos seem helpful to ensure I have the basics down. I’ve actually done 2D graphic design and some art classes. So while I possibly fall into the category of “graphic designers who can’t draw” Lord willing I could pick up drawing again with a focus on concept art spefically.

Mainly because for the game I would like to create, certainly the concept art is a critical component… before other things like writing, modelling, mechanics, etc.

By “effective” I mean learning best practice concept art processes that best serve the game development project.

Stuff like these?

FWIW I won’t be doing any digital painting, not at the start anyway. Will be old school sketchbooks, but I’d like to know what to use eg. markers or something which they use for concept art (it’s usually not color pencils, for example).

As for time, yes, I might be able to practise over the next few years should it be important for the game.

Of course, I could collaborate with a concept artist but that’s a question about forming a team, which is certainly a topic in its own right.

I don’t mind jumping into storyline and programming the mechanics fleshing things out visually (conceptually) along with the storyline seems the right first step.

So I’m not seeking to be an awesome concept artist, I would mainly like to prepare suitable concept art for the game. Game timeframe is 1 year to 10 years depending on what’s most appropriate.

You can find some good youtube channels about concept arts/drawing in general -> (they have helped me a lot to improve my paintings) :slight_smile:

This isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but. . . I’m really enjoying Scott Robertson’s videos. He is a graphic designer, concept artist. While he is a great draftsman and artist with pen and paper, he also uses photography, photoshop, modo, Substance, etc. . . all the digital tools, to speed up his process and come up with new and unusual designs. Check out this video: Good Luck!

Cheers all, all that stuff is exactly what I’m looking for.