Best way to learn C++ for Unreal Engine 4

I just started using Unreal Engine 4 and never used C++ before.And i dont know where to start.
Does someone know a good way to learn C++?


I won’t be able to help too much with this but have you used any programming language before? If so then you should start here:

if not then you should google c++ beginner’s tutorial and go from there.

If you never touched C++, you probably wanna learn the Engine with Blueprint first and learn C++ in general while you are just try and error the Engine.
Learn C++ WITH the Engine is not that great, since the C++ of Unreal is a bit different in some points. They use a lot of Macros that do things in the background
for you. Learning C++ in general will help you understanding A LOT and you can just use UE4 instead of asking yourself what things do all the time.

And while you learn C++ in general, you can use the Blueprints (which are C++ as visual scripting) to understand how the engine is build up. The documentation
that the guys above linked will help you with that too.

I agree with eXi, learning C++ as well as game development in UE4 can be a tough beast. Using Blueprints would lead to earlier success and be less frustrating. Also it gives you a basic understanding of how the engine works. This knowledge is useful even later in code. After you figured out how to achieve the things you want, you can translate your Blueprints into C++ code then. This shouldn’t be too hard. Prototyping in Blueprints has the advantage you don’t need to fight at two fronts at the same time: Learning the Engine and learning to code in C++.

But if you determined to learn C++, there is a book out there for absolute beginners. Can’t say if it’s any good though since I don’t have it, but if you are the book-reading type this might be a way to go.

I am writing a free tutorial series to teach C++ programming from within Unreal Engine while using the blueprints as a guide for writing code. You’ll learn progressively the basic concepts of OOP (object oriented programming) which should get you started. At the end of the tutorial you get yourself a reusable powerful camera component, so it’s a win-win: you learn and write something for your future projects at the same time.

The tutorial is here