best way to import animations to retarget skeleton?

hello, i’m working on a third person shooter game and i’m preparing the animations of my player to be imported on the ue4.

what will be the best way to import the animations, starting on T-pose or A-pose ?

i just want to import the animations and retarget the skeleton.

p.s.: also i’m asking this because i’m planing in creating a tps basic animations package to submit it to the marketplace (any tip or advice for this will be very useful)

thanks in advance for all the help.

The best way is to use the mannequin pose, not just any A-pose but a perfect match of the mannequin skeleton. That way the retargeted version will be play back perfectly on a mannequin skeleton too. To accomplish this you will need a mannequin rig for the software you’re using (UE4Tools for Blender, ART for Maya and so on).

thanks for the info cyaoeu, i was thinking in put the unreal mannequin in a T-pose and start from there, you think it will be a good idea ?

another thing, where i can find the UE4Tools for blender ?

thank you for all your help mate!

You can find it here:

Putting the mannequin rig in a T-pose is the opposite of what you should do. As I said it already has a default pose, you don’t need to touch it. As long as you make your animation in pose mode you can do any pose there, just don’t change the pose in edit mode (aside from deleting the bone called Bone which messes up exporting with Deform Only).

got it cyaoeu, thank you for your advices, i will keep them in mind.

thank you again for all your help.