Best way to implement weapon animations?

when fireing the gun I play a fire montage on my character (bending the triggerfinger and so on and this is working) but I’m unsure how to do the weapon fire animation.

Only way I got it working so far is by simply playing the weapon animation in the weapon blueprint under the event fire.

My setup is I have a Gun_BaseBP and then Gun childrens for the different types (assault rifle/Shotgun and so on)

All gun types use different skeletons.

The problem with playing the animation is I need to go inside every child and “hardcode” what animation to play and I havent found a way inside the BP to adjust playspeed and so on which can be easily done when playing montages.

I also have other animations for every guntype I would like to play such as reloadingADS, Reloading standing, reloading crouching and reloading prone. This makes me think maybe I need to do an anim_BP for each guntype so I can play all those animations as montages but that means I need to make alot of animBPs for all different gun skeletons…?

Another thing I seen is in some of the gunanimations there are notifiers that play the muzzleflash effect and sound directly from the animation. This seems like a nice way but since Im aiming to do a lootshooter I probably want to use the same mesh for some variants and change muzzleflash and sound (this is the way I set it up now).

I also noticed I cant have a variable that stores an animation (but I can store montages) which makes me think montages would be a better way to go rather than playing animations?


  1. Play gun Fire_animation from Gun_BP
    a) Putting muzzleflash and sound inside the animation
    b) Trigger muzzleflash and play sound at location from the BP (to make it easier to do variations)
  2. Play gun Fire_Animation as montage
    a) use notifiers when to trigger flash and sound
    b) other?
    Do I need to make one anim_BP per gun (different skeletons).

What is the best way to sync player trigger montage with gunanimation (montage)?

Im thinking I will have to make some form of weapon_struct and DB since I want alot of different variations on the weapons. I know I can store montages but is it possible to store animations (since cant store the anim in a variable)?

All suggestions are very appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: