Best way to implement bullet hit detection? Overlap events seem to be unreliable at higher velocities

I am currently using the “On Actor Begin Overlap” node in my bullet blueprint (projectile movement, 7000 inital velocity), but sometimes the bullet just flies through an actor it usually overlaps with, and when not moving from this position, it always flies through the other actor (tested with box, tried overlap all and block all).

Any suggestions? I tried using “On hit”, but I think I have to enable physics for the bullet which I dont want to do in a multiplayer game, since I think it leads to even more problems. Thanks! :slight_smile:

7000 would move the bullet quite far in a single frame, so it makes sense that there’s no collision, have you tried increasing the length of the bullet’s collision volume?

As a side note I’d check out this:

for some info on overlaps vs hits.

I did this, but sometimes when shooting a wall it just hits the thing behind the wall, since the overlap volume goes through the wall :frowning:

Then use line trace instead of hoping for bullet to colide.

A line trace in the bullet itself, looking for possible hits in the next few meters, or a hitscan system?

Well since the bullet is moving so fast, the line trace for few meters wouldnt help (it would be similar to extended collision), so make hitscan. If the buller is moving sooooo fast there shouldn’t be any signicicant gameplay dicference.

Although with the line trace you’d get the nearest object first rather than any overlapping actors at the same time. Alternatively you could use the OnOverlap with the extended collision and call the GetOverlappingActors to get all overlaps and sort based on distance from projectile. The closest would then be the first collision.