Best way to Hide all Static Meshes on a level?

I’m trying to hide / show all Static Meshes in a particular level for multiple levels. My logic decides which one(s) should currently be visible ingame.

Previously in UE3 you could set an entire level to be visible / invisible. However you can’t in UE4 and I can’t find a way of finding out which level a particular Static Mesh is in. If I use the ‘Get All Actors Of Class’ node it will get all Actors in all levels, not just the current level.

I’d prefer not to have to add a reference to every individual mesh in each level graph and maintain that list as meshes are deleted & added.

Any ideas?

Search Streaming Levels and World Browser.

Also, content examples in the launcher has a great example of level streaming.

I’m not after level streaming, but accessing meshes related to specific levels in Blueprints.

I can reference specific levels in Blueprints, but not do anything with them, such as search their World Lists. Are there specific Streaming Level or World Browser nodes / variables / arrays that you’re referring to?

‘Get All Actors Of Class’ will get only the loaded actors in the current level

Odd, every Static Mesh on every level was being hidden on my test.

However, I did find that you can set a visibility flag on streaming levels, although it also turns off collision when you make the level invisible.