Best way to handle playing an animation for various different actions?

I am relatively new to animation blueprints in UE4, and can pretty much set up animations for general character movement, but that’s about it. In the game I am working on, there are various actions that can be performed (Such as Fishing with a Fishing pole). I am wondering how to best handle these animations being played. Should I store a bunch of Booleans like ‘Is Fishing?’, ‘Is Sitting Down’?, etc. And then use a state machine to play the appropriate animations? Is there a better way to handle these actions?

Yep, that works for isolated actions; when you need composed animations however, you’ll need to use blending:

For simple things I’ll use booleans, for other more complex things you might be better of using an enum. Your AnimGraph will quickly become overrun with booleans otherwise and setting them all either on/off can be tedious.

I hate to bump this, but when using Enums to drive animations, is there something special I can do in my state machine for Enums? Or should I just do something like enter a state if the Enum value != None, and then use a select node to select animations based on the Enum value?

Hi. I explained how to do this with enums in another thread:

Go to post nr 6 in that thread