Best Way To Generate Non-Laggy Terrain

In Unreal Engine 4 I have a blueprint class that outputs a float value from an x and y value. It’s basically a node that takes an x and y input, puts it through a noise function, and then outputs a height. I have been able to get that part working but the next step has been quite difficult for me. I have tried using the procedural mesh component in different chunk actors, but that was too laggy. I moved on the the Runtime Mesh, which is a plugin I downloaded. It made the actually rendering of the mesh less taxing, but when the chunks would spawn it would lag and reach down to like 20 fps (by the way I have a 8-core processor and a gtx 1080 so this probably isn’t my system having problems). So I was wondering if anyone in the community had any experience with this and if they could tell me how I could go about creating terrain that does not affect performance.

Whoever is able to answer this I would greatly appreciate if you could reply!
Thank You,