Best way to fix Overlapping UVs?

I’m practicing modeling different things in the level and I came across this issue while trying to build my lighting.

Scene Preview 1:
Scene Preview 2:
Scene Preview 3: (I noticed that the bottom look overlapped)

Object Preview 1:
Object Preview 2:

3D Model Preview 1:
3D Model Preview 2:

I thought that these pictures will help to understand the situation a lot better in my perspective. Should I redo the model and make it into quads?

The issue is your UV mapping, not the mesh. Just adjust the second UV channel so that it fits within the 1x1 UV space and doesn’t overlap.

I took a look at my UV map of the model and unfolded them as seen here.

After re-importing the model inside Unreal, I built my lighting with the same error message. :confused:

Okay, I see what you mean now. I see the 2 different UV channel.
How should I fix this?

Channel 0:
Channel 1:

Can anybody help me with this? I’m still stuck on this issue sadly. :frowning:

That’s how you create a good lightmap: :slight_smile:

I’m bookmarking that post. Thanks! Also, I figured out the issue with the lighting (at least I think I did). I triangulated my model before importing it into the engine. I’m guessing, depending on the type of model you make, you may need to triangulate it.