Best way to do this? Help making a first level to explain gameplay?


So, I’m probably going to get socked for this - but I’ve been developing games (albeit not computer games) for almost ten years, so I got a good inate sense for gameplay - but I have no way of showing basic gameplay and theme to see if there is interest in a game, so how do I go about finding people interested in a small setup?

I’m ok with working with existing models, buying some pre-rendered stuff and setting up with existing materials for this, but I need help from people who know UE4 and associated programming.

Game Setup:

  • Turn-based squad combat game - humans vs monsters
  • Humans are military-style, monsters can be demons, aliens or just plain regular monsters
  • Concept needs one battle map, with “squares” for movement
  • Combat is mainly ranged, with some melee

So, being as humble as only possible, how do I go ahead with this? Should I assemble a team of volunteers? Should I pay for singular help with specific stuff? How long does a single stage for proof-of-concept take? Problem with hiring, for me, is that I have no way to gauge price levels and time needed for some of this, so I don’t want to get scammed.

All suggestions appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to read

  • Andreas Rönnqvist