Best way to do it so player can see things in a specific light?

If i wanted it so the player can see a object only when there flashlight is shining on them, what would be the best way to go about doing this?

Hi Man,
what do you mean with “see them” you want to turn them visible? so they start invisible?

Well if its like a secret thing that is suppose to react to the flashlight. You could do a line trace and set the mesh to visible. This would only work when the target is in the center of the trace. If you do a sphere trace and exponentially make the sphere larger the further out it goes to mimic the beam?

Hey guys, thanks for the replies, I’m basically hoping to replicate this: Epic Games

but that only works with it’s own spotlight which is why I was hoping to replicate it

Metal gear games do something similar to this:

Not sure where they do this, this is for the player to be hidden in light, I’m looking for stuff to be revealed only when a light is on them

They affront the same theme,

Basically if you have a light , that illuminate 5m toward you, but you have a wall too, that block the light.
Something that still is in the 5m, but behind a wall, should be visible?

So they build a raycast from the lights to the player, to know if he is hided from light or in range.
and than do some actions.

Beside you could even have a thing that is only partially behind a wall,
like an elephant, but the 0 0 0 is behind the wall,
the whole animal is invisible and when you peak from the side, the whole animal appear?

You want to do almost the same thing but want to make it visible
How you want to make the thing visible?
you want just make that appear ,? use the node, set visibitilty
you want to slow appear using opacity?, make a dinamic material with a custom parameter for the opacity, and , to the same thing the video did, and pass from visible 0% to visible 100%