Best way to detect collisions between player and object?

So I’m having an issue where I can’t seem to actually detect collisions between the player and an object I created.

This is my first time in Unreal so this is probably an easy fix if you know what you’re doing. I’m using the third person blueprint and I want to have an event take place, specifically a destroy event, when the player walks into a ball I created. The ball has its own blueprint, a static mesh, physics, and a projectileMotion. I want this event to take place in the MyCharacter blueprint, so how do I effectively find out when the player runs into the ball? Overlap? how do I call the ball from the character blueprint?

Create a box trigger in that ball and Try to use eventbeginoverlapp > your action

This is the basic setup to do this.

And if you want a refference on how to use EventBeginOverlap, follow this link:

Validation in Blueprint

But how do I attatch the box to my ball. I throw the ball and the box just falls from where the ball was spawned rather then traveling with the ball.

From within the blueprint. Add component, box.

Here is the ball…

Add component box…
Then if I toss the ball, this is the result…


I just want the box to stay in the same position attatched to the ball

I think you don´t understand me…When i say “Box trigger” i mean :

Viewport >>> add Volumes > Trigger

Drop the trigger in your level at ball position, and adjust it to size of your ball…then, *Create" one blueprint actor, open it, go to “Graph” minimize the blueprint, select your trigger in viewport, and go back to the Graph in blueprint and right click type in the search text “Overlap” and select EventBeginOverlap…and set the node beginoverlap to the next action…or event…

However, pay attention to this: you nedd a basic knowledge in Blueprint script to do this works…If you need, are many tutorials in blueprint to you acquire some knowledge about blueprints:


And if you fail with the above instructions, follow this tutorial below:

Destroy Actor / BluePrint

I hope this help.