Best way to destroy/dismember limbs on skeletal mesh?


I have been browsing the internet for some good ways to destroy/dismember limbs on a character.
there seems to be a couple of ways to do this I was wondering what ones you think are best.
should I set the bone scale to 0? or break constraints? when I tried breaking constraints I realized I would have to repaint weights to prevent the mesh from stretching. I know how to use maya/max but got confused on how to paint it properly.

im looking for something fairly simple so I think setting a bones scale to 0 seems like the most easy/modular way. what do you guys think?

if so how to I achieve this? in the anim graph?

any help would be much appreciated

I was able to achieve this by splitting up the limbs I wanted to break in maya/max and making sure the weights on the model where painted correctly to avoid stretching much like this tut:

after that in BluePrints I just added a “on hit” is “==” the bone name and then followed with the “break constraint or break bone” node.