Best way to design clear to cloudy system?

Hi, I’ve recently made a simple cloud using this tutorial but I really want to set up a system so that every day there is a random cloud pattern, say one day it is clear with a few clouds, and the next day it is extremely cloudy with minimal sunlight.

Furthermore, it would be great to actually add in proper weather, like rain or lightning.

Anyone know how to do this?

That cloud wont work for a proper weather system, I’m afraid.

Frankly, the best thing would be to use a marketplace asset and then get on with everything else ( unless you are specifically just designing a weather system, in which case, good luck ). One of the dominant packages is:

Which is great for everything, but doesn’t do rain, as far as I know.

Thanks, it looks great but in the future I will really need to add a weather system as I’m making an open-world RPG and I know a weather system would be a great feature in it.

Thanks for the tip on the cloud tutorial. I’ll keep searching for another. By any chance have you seen or heard of one?

Thanks for the help. I’ll look into some good ones

Search for ‘weather’ on the marketplace. Unfortunately I haven’t personally used any of these other ones, so can’t really say much about them. You might be able to get rain and lightning separately.

As for writing your own, there’s no tutorial I know of. These guys have spent a LONG TIME perfecting their systems, that’s why I’m saying use an asset :wink:

Yes, sorry it’s not very exciting, but it really depends on what your targets are. I’m assuming that’s focused on the gameplay, so there’s no need to re-invent the wheel in other areas, especially where it’s already been done really well…

As an aside, I do know that the process is basically to do with applying noise textures and / or photos of cloud textures to a large sphere. So, no actual cloud objects in the sky ( they would have to be way too big to be practical ).