Best way to define multiple items (structs)

Basically, there is no way to use structs without making a mess.

Having said that, why not download a copy of the free horror engine

I seem to recall it doesn’t quite a decent job of managing all this sort of stuff.

I have a structure that defines what variables each item must have (name, description, value…). Now I want to define every item that can be in the game, so that I can for example add an “Iron dagger” to player’s inventory. I thought about using maps, where the key is a string and the value is the structure, but it could be a lot messy after defining hundreds of items. Is there a better way to do it, maybe allowing folding groups of items or just searching for them by name?

This is a perfect use case for what you would call a “Data Table”

Add a blueprint like normal and find it in the list, it takes a struct and you add an array to this data table and every entry can only have the struct info and you can edit each entry separately.