Best way to deal with NET Framework 3.5 Error

I use a windows 10 tablet, Surface Pro 3

Currently, I can’t get unreal engine 4 because of this error:

Anyone else had this problem? If you wanted a windows tablet that doesn’t have this problem just out of the box, what would you do?

Where I’m at now is in the windows 10 instructions for the error message linkd in OP,

there’s mention of installing the windows media creation tool to deal with the error above. When I go to the below link, and click download Tool, the thing downloaded tries to install windows 10 which scares me because I already have windows 10 and don’t want to overwrite anything

Could you explain what this sentence means to me? Admittedly I don’t know much about computers
Download the Windows Media Creation tool, and create an ISO image locally, or create an image for the version of Windows that you have installed.

Will getting a surface pro 4 make a difference and make it so I can download and use unreal engine 4 out of the box without dealing with this? Has anyone used unreal engine 4 on a surface pro 3 or surface pro 4?

How can fix this error 0x800f0954 FIXED? I am referring this tutorial 0x800f0954 FIXED. Is this good to go ?? Please suggest me.