Best way to create reference list

I have 37 FMOD sound events (up to 84 potentially).
My timeline outputs float numbers and I need to make some kind of reference list so I can give reference to an FMOD event of said number.

// My timeline gives me number 4, so I need a reference to sound event №4.

You might need to use an integer as an output value and then use it as an index for an array that will include all of your stuff. But be attentive to the array indexes, it starts from 0, you can do simple math like output int - 1, it will be needed if the lowest output value is 1


Can only agree with Lorenze, creating an array would be the best option imo as well. However, in order to reduce the propensity to errors, you might consider creating a data table with all sound effects you have right now or want to add in the future. On begin play (or whenever suitable), use “Get all row names” for said data table, use a “for each loop” with “get data table row” to create the array in the same sequence as the data table. Then, you can access each element by its index number as Lorenze said.

I prefer the data table as it is a central place to store the information and if you use above mentioned setup, you can append the list with minimal effort.

P.S. If the array nomenclature is too complicated for you (especially for beginners or non-coders, this could cause some trouble), simple leave the first entry in the data table empty. This way, your first sound effect will have index 1 and not 0.

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Thank you!