Best way to create Information flags?

Hi guys, i’m trying to create “information flags” that sit over specific spots on my model, ideally, I would like it to be a 3 stage process:

  1. To start as a pulsating circle that follows the model if the user orbits around model (currently used using a spring arm)…

  2. when user “hoovers” over pulsating circle it transforms / grows into a steam and font box (2A) If user doesn’t click it transforms back to pulsating circle)

  3. If clicked camera changes to move closer to specific area

I have mocked it up quickly in Photoshop to show you what I mean, at this stage i’m not interested in making it pretty, just getting it to work in principle.

Any help would be amazing as I have predominantly been playing with the UMG up until now, so slowly floating into more 3D based stuff!


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The Commentary Box blueprint example may be able to help you figure out a solution.
I have not used this example before and have not implemented anything like this so cannot guarantee anything but hopefully it helps!


Hi everyone…Me again…

OK so I’m setting up what can be best described (by me) as an information point in my app / game I am working on. it’s function is as follows:-

  1. floats over several key areas of interest, by default they are pulsating (currently using a video texture / material that is being used in the UMG on a button

  2. once hovered over it changes to a different video material (from pulsating to a different kind of spot video)

  3. once clicked zooms camera over to area.

so I’m using the extremely “experimental” but highly awesome new feature to make widgets a 3D actor! my problem is the following, so I’ve managed to get my animated (video) button to appear in 3d space, but currently I A) currently can’t get it to follow the camera round and B) For some reason once I hover over the image it won’t change into my hoovered texture that i’ve set in the UMG editor. is the latter because of it being experimental or because i’m not doing something right? Blue prints below…

Blueprint being used to for widget to follow camera, is this right? and for the widget do i need to eneter anything in the event graph or is that only for when it is “pressed”?


Widget set up.jpg

Hi everyone, OK I manged to get the 3D Widget to face the camera, i “simply” changed the Space from World to Screen, my next problem I face is that the widget is now the same scale regardless of distance which I do not want so I have set this up…And of course I still can’t get my buttons to change state when I “hoover over the button” or press the button. Anyone got any ideas? Will this method even work with a Widget actor? I can’t seem to get actor location from my actor/widget component, i’m drawing a blank lol…

I borrowed the main body of the change actor by distance from here (



anyone got an idea of what I am doing wrong?

You should be able to register widgets that are under the cursor according to screen space.