Best way to create in game Cinematics

Hi everyone!

I am currently in charge of the creation of the in game cinematics for a game I am working on.

I was wondering what would be the best way to animate actors in the sequencer.

  • I have a main sequence that contains all the shots (level sequence with only cameras) and the actors. I first animate the actors for the full sequence (as if there where no cameras) and then I use the shots to frame them with cinematic cameras.
    It’s a good way to have something set up quickly but I think I will lack some controls over the actors animations as they are not in the same level sequence than the camera shooting them. That’s what they did for the meerkat demo.

  • Second solution is to have a master level sequence that contains shots (again). But those shots contains the cinecameras and the actors. It means that for each shot I will have to build the stage by placing the actors and framing them correctly. It is more time consuming but I will be able to build the frame I want. It would be also more difficult to keep a continuity between shots.

What method would you rather use?

And last point, wich aspect ratio and sensor size would you recommand?
I firstly try with something faking an Alexa Sensor, the feeling is great but I got black bars at the top and bottom as I am not in 16/9 anymore.

I have also tried the 16/9 DLSR preset wich seems to be fine.

Have you already been in that case? Wich solution did you pick?


Which aspect ratio works best for the game? These days 16:9 is the default for most media.
The other issue with sensor size is the depth of field. Larger sizes mean a more shallow depth of field.

You can build with actors in a continuous level sequence if you wish. That allows you to adjust cameras and actors. Then it would be a matter to set up camera switching in your blueprint to display the camera you wish or you can build a master sequence with those cameras.