Best way to create an interior?

I have a problem. I can design great looking interiors in 3ds Max but I don’t know what would be the best way to import them to Unreal. Example if I want to make a house interior. Should I make the hole interior of the house in 3ds Max and then import it to Unreal. Should I make just the rooms and corridors and then import them to Unreal and arrange those there. Should I just make wall pieces and import those to Unreal where I “build” my interior using those pieces. I’ve tested couple of technique and still don’t know what would be the best. Even Unreal tech demos like Realistic Rendering, Sun temple and the Matinee are all build using different techniques.

Realistic Rendering has floor, roof and walls 1-sided planes. Great but cannot be easily modify.
Sun temple has modular approach where designer has made lot’s of building blocks and build level in Unreal
Matinee is a mix of those, 1-sided planes used as modular building blocks.

I’ve found that example if I make a hole room in 3ds max using example line tool and extrude or just make a box and then import it to Unreal, collision make impossible to walk inside the room since Unreal thinks it is a box. Then again if I make like 3x3 size wall pieces and then combine them in Unreal, shadows can act weirdly. So I’m confused!

So can you give me your thoughts.


Just duplicate your meshes in 3ds max, add collision prefix and export your stuff =]
Even easier is just changing collision to ‘use complex as simple’ in the static mesh settings.

As for how to build it it really depends on what you’re doing and what results you want to achieve, but I’d advise against just building the whole house as a single mesh.

Thanks for the info. Did not know about naming collisions a right way ect. But would you build an interior from building blogs like Sun temple or like Realistic rendering what used 1-sided planes and where almost the hole room was 1 piece?

Just saying I’ve never done an interior only scene before.

Usually I make a few different lengths of walls/room/floor as separate meshes, but I also don’t use lightmass.

If you’re looking to make arch-vis quality kind of stuff it might be a better idea to look at the Xoio Berlin Flat/Lightroom: Interior Day Light community examples as it’s not something I’ve tried.

Archviz in UR4

I have just started with Unreal to see if it can be used for Architectural Viz. Or better to say if I can use it. As other users have said, its depend greatly for what use. If you are going to do as me, then I think the best way would be to model the whole house, as a main structure. You give the different mesh an material ID, living room floor, ceiling, walls and so on. Then you can give these a material inside UR4. But then later on add furnitures an other stuff. I am speaking of experience, because I tried to import part by part of the house, a real Pain to get them to lining up with each others. So yes I would model the whole house, with walls, floors, roof, windows and door and so on.

Okey, Well I think that I will make the house like Epic has made in Realistic rendering demo. Room is build from pieces like left, right, front and back walls are all own pieces, roof and floor are own pieces. Then those pieces have align to each other. I tested importing many rooms in 1 object and for me atleast collision is a problem. You need to build a collision boxes inside 3ds Max also. Otherwise you cannot walk inside the house. And when you have really complicated design, it’s pain in the *** to make. But when you make your house using smaller pieces, you don’t need to worry about collision.