Best way to create an enterable house : BSP or static mesh ?

I want to create a big enterable house. Which is a more effective way to do it ? Simply do everything I can in BSP brushes, and only do the more complicated bits with static meshes, or is it better if I build the complete building in 3dsmax and import it?

I personally would build the framework of your building with bsp brushes and the complex stuff with meshes -> because you can always convert the bsp’s to meshes :slight_smile:

In the game that I’m currently creating we build all buildings in our 3d programs so that we can add good LODs

Thanks.I am on the same opinion, but sometimes I am having a hard time aligning the walls and everything nicely, eventhough the bushes are aligned to the grid, I can only align the edges by turning off the snapping…

What I usually do for environments and buildings is I find the scale I want to build at by using a man-plate (a blocky figure that represents scale for people) then just go into my 3d program (for me its Blender) and build from there. This way you know your scale and proportions are good and depending on your skill level with 3D, you can build primitive buildings fast.

Hope this helps.

Counts on how many buildings you want to create. For a few use your 3d software. I’m building a whole citY atm so i wrote a modular Script for houses in blueprint… lod can be made with bsp too. The snapping to the grid works when you keep an eye on the units. Export an example mesh from ue4 and have a look at the scale in your 3d software and you know how to size your objects.

Thanks for the answers. Its one single building. I will just finish building the structure in the editor and will use 3dsmax for details.