Best way to create a simple room?

I am a total Unreal noob. I am trying to build a Virtual Studio. It will be imported into Aximmetry, where subjects will be keyed out in real time to appear in the virtual studio.

What is the best way to create a simple room? I have been using the Architectural Meshes from starter content. One issue I’ve been having is how to create a doorway. If I need a doorway in a specific spot, it is best to export a starter content door into Blender and edit it there? Or is there a way to edit meshes with the geometry brush? Again I am a noob, so I just realized now that you cant use a subtract modifier on a mesh. So I guess what I’m asking for here is opinions on the best process for making a simple room.

Thanks in advance

Hi, If you want to create a room (I’m assuming you want the walls and floors to be textured so they look realistic/stylised), you’ll have to either create your own room meshes (floor, wall, ceiling, door, window etc) in a 3d modelling package (Blender/Max/Maya) and then import them, or you could use premade meshes (eg. from the starter content or the asset store) then export them to your 3d modelling package, edit them there then reimport…

You can’t edit model meshes in UE4 and the geometry brush only allows you to create basic shapes, cubes, spheres, cones etc, but they cant be modified beyond scaling that basic shape. You can add textures to them but there is no way to really tune how that texture is applied so you can only really use basic tiled textures, which won’t lead to realistic models…

So the best process for making a basic room… You’ll have to read up on basic mesh modelling and texture unwrapping for your preferred 3d modelling tool. Learn how to make a basic cube wall, uv unwrap it and add a texture… Once you understand the basics of modelling and texturing you could then maybe import some quality premade assets that suit the look your going for, and edit them the same way…

Hi @LucasRomanenko,

You can model a Rooms, Corridors, Buildings in UnrealEditor as they’re typically Orthogonal in shape. With consideration to modular construction of Real-World Buildings, Wooden/Metal Beams, Drywall Panels, Glass Sheets, and Bricks are also Orthogonal. Thus, you can create a great amount of interior and exterior structure from just 3D Cube primitives within UnrealEditor itself.

I’ve demonstrated the technique in the video below. I have used other more advanced building models as reference to assemble buildings from primitives using the same technique. in my opinion, this approach gives you more flexibility with optimizing rendering. Additionally, I believe keeping as much of the workflow inside the UnrealEngine/Editor is more efficient and What you see Is what you get in the end result. [HR][/HR] [TABLE=“border: 0, cellpadding: 1”]



there are many options to make it actually simple (following from most to least recommended):

  1. Using the Geometry Brushes. Place Actors -> Geometry. Place a “Box”, make sure “Brush Settings”->“Brush Type” is “Additive”. Then Place another Box, inside the first one, scale it so it overlaps only the top face. Set its “Brush Type” to “Subtractive”. Same Process for doors, windows etc.
  2. Checkout Blockout Tools. A Plugin for quickly and easily block building your rooms & levels.
  3. Use already available assets from megascan to build your studio.

I highly recommend first to block build your desired room or level. Make sure camera, player character or whatever you want to use as a viewer can navigate properly inside it and that the actually view is “as expected”. Once you are satisfied with the proportions, you can do the details by replacing the blocks with higher poly assets.