Best way to create a scripted animation event?

Hello, I am newbie to animations and I am just wondering if I can combine a few animations inside ue, or how to make a sequence?

I need an another character to perform a walking animation - 10 meters ahead, then turn left and walk 2 metres ahead. Then stop and start knocking the door.

I have no idea how to achieve this, should this be an AI, sequence, or just character blueprint copy that should auto recieve input until it walks for 10 meters, then I will set rotation to 90°, and after 2 meters it will stop and play animation? Is it the right way?

If this was my project, i would use anim montages for this,

like “play anim montage walk’ (loop) … then move the character capsule to destination, play " turn left” montage… play “walk look” … them move character capsue to destination (2 meters ahead)

Use delay or time event?