Best way to create a and control an AI enemy?

So I have created a monster, it’s rigged, has animations, animation graph, behavior tree, it moves, attacks, takes damage, I still have more to add but it’s going well. I am currently not using c++ for any of it though may change that tomorrow.

What I am wondering is what is the best procedure to create a character like this. I am doing a lot of trial and error right now to figure out what I think is the best way. Obviously there are a lot of places you can put things and a lot of ways you can do the same thing. I am guessing in the code it will be easy to create a new class that inherits Character class where I add functionality for a general Enemy then be able to create blueprints using Enemy class?

Does anyone else have problems with their behavior tree not opening correctly after opening the project?

Use BehaviorTrees.

Extend the character blueprint and name it MonsterBot or something. You can do the AI in blueprints. I’d use this tutorial if you don’t have the BehaviorTrees set up yet.

If the tree doesn’t open, check that you have the Behavior Tree editor enabled in your editor options, by default it is off and is under experimental.