Best way to combine Pawns BPs

Hi everybody!

I’m trying to use differents toolkits for VR, and they use different pawns. I want to combine functionalities. Can you give me tips or advices about how confront it?


How do you mean they use different pawns? They have different APIs? Or require the pawn to contain different functionality? Or they are hard coded to use a specific predefined pawn?

You could maybe create a blueprint class for your pawn that contains all of your common core pawn functionality, then create two new pawn interface blueprint classes that define your common core pawn blueprint as their parent. Then you can put the VR toolkit specific code in each of the interface blueprints…

Or maybe you could have a toolkit variable (bool/enum) in you pawn blueprint that is set in the constructor/begin play to the toolkit you are using, then whenever the VR toolkit accesses the pawn functionality the blueprint branches using the toolkit variable to call the correct function written to handle that toolkit…