Best way to combine blueprints that both use event tick and begin play?

I tried combining them using a sequence node but there’s still errors using it.

What does this even mean? Event tick is for things that need to be updated each frame, begin play is for things you want to run once at the start of the blueprint being initialized. I am not sure what you are trying to do when you say “combine” blueprints that use both. Most blueprints (if they are actors, have both begin play and tick) so the question about combining them is not making any sense.

I’m trying to combine two blueprints from two addons, and as you said both use the same nodes, and I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to combine them without errors. I tried using a sequence node which helps a little but there’s still an error occurring, which I’m thinking is because of using the sequence node.

If you just wanna do some merge once then you could copy/paste the nodes, functions, … from one BP into another. You only need one Event Begin play and one Event Tick in that case. Just add the nodes and wires after the exec path of the other one.

Or you could create a master BP and add those two blueprints to that one. Works with Actors (as child actor) but usually you use ActorComponents for that. Each ActorComponent has it’s own EventBegin and EventTick (if you need).

Or you could inherit one actor as child of another actor as “Parent Class” in the “Class Settings” of the BP. You could rightclick the “Event BeginPlay” in your child blueprints afterwards and “Add call to parent function”. So it would do everything from the parent “Event BeginPlay” and as well what you have in the child actor.

There are even other methods. But it really depends what you wanna do so I think there is no best generic way.

Can you show us screen shots of what you are trying to do?