Best way to cast multiple traces on one mesh?

Hello! Thanks for looking. Please see the photoshop mockup. What is the best way to get this sort of functionality?

The following is for a planetary burn up script.

The aim here is to dynamically pick points on a hull surface and spawn fx there. (This will be based on which side of the ship is entering the atmosphere but that’s already figured out) The thing i’m stuck on is that current box/sphere trace implementations will always pick the closest point, and don’t seem to have any controls over picking other points in their volume.

My current method to try recreate this is have a grid of many boxtraces, which extend the width and height of the player vessel. Each boxtrace is essentially raytracing a small cross section. I can then add some script to pick one of these traces at random and fire the fx.

I hope that made sense, but if anyone has a better idea of picking some hull points at random, I’d love to hear it!