Best way to call events according to int variables

I made a clock system by int variables(hour, minute, second) of a GameModeBP. Then, I want to call many different custom events according to the time (ex: breakfast at 6:30:00).

So, what is the best way to realize that? I did that like below an image, but it doesn’t have scalability.

Thanks so much for your reply, I’ll try your solution!

How about this:

Keep alarms in an array and check if the time is right.

Image from Gyazo

Alternatively, you could count seconds only and sample the timer once per second. Keep the alarms in a Dictionary Map [ Int | Struct of Alarm Times ] and query the map. This would be the most efficient from the performance point of view. Just a bit more upfront work.

In case the original suggestion was unclear:


You could dynamically add alarms like so. Just note there is no year / month / day 0. So it has to read at least 1. As in, there’s no 0th of April, for example; in which case the date time will be more than confused and return nothing.

It worked, thanks again!