Best way to build interactive objects using blueprints

Does anybody have a good resource for looking at doing something like this?

There is a game called ‘Gone Home’ that I am trying to model a small game from. In it, it’s first person (except you cant see anything of the player), and you can interact with objects in the world. The objects themselves are highlighted and a UI tooltip comes on the screen like ‘Press A to pickup Letter’. When you do so, the letter gets raised up to your view and you can rotate it, flip it, etc as if you were holding it and looking at it.

What is the best way to handle something like this? Not every object can do this, only select ones, but I am assuming I ‘should’ be able to build one method that I can then attach to all interactable objects, tweak some settings for that object, and be good.

I don’t need hand-holding, just looking to see if somebody knows what this type of functionality is called, and if there are some examples in code or videos that demonstrate part of this being implemented.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I’m not an expert, but using triggers and UI widgets sounds likely. I’ve been checking out similar things lately, and in the process I’ve come across this video:
Not 100% sure it works 100 % in the latest Unreal version, but it should give you an idea, at least about picking up and reading letters.

This was informational, and thank you. It doesn’t go into the advanced details like being able to inspect or ‘rotate’ the object once you pick it up, but it gives the basics. Very easy to follow too.