Best way to apply smooth weapon lag when looking/moving around

So, I’ve been trying to add a simple weapon lag when the player is moving and/or looking around in the FPS start project. The easiest suggestion I’ve tried so far is just adding a Spring Arm as a child to the camera with 0 offset, and had that parent the arms and weapon. Just ticking the Camera Lag and Rotation lag options with a decently high speed (around 45 to 60 for both) with a mas distance of around 2.5 SEEMED to get the job done at first… but then a very apparent issue cropped up, as shown here:

First thing I noticed was the lagging behind a bit TOO much if you looked around really fast. IDEALLY I would have set a max rotation lag distance…but there is no option for that. There’s one for distance, but not for rotation? Odd…
I would just try slightly increasing the rotation speed bit by bit, but that leaves out the option to have a slow-ish turn of the weapon later down the line. That, and if the speed is too high, you get this ugly jitter effect as you move and look around.

The next best thing I think would be instead of a lag speed, have a DELAY, so that the weapon is moving as fast as the player is, just lagged behind by say 0.2 seconds.

Is there any way to rectify this seemingly small issue, or am I gonna have to go roundabout with this by making 4 individual “max rotation distance” animation frames and then blend those into the idle and walking animations while looking around?