Best way to abstract collections of animations?

Hi all, so coming from Unreal Engine 3, we had AnimSets which collected groups of animations, and could easily be swapped out while keeping the same “Animation Tree” or anim playing code logic (since the anim references were just ‘Names’ which could be overriden).

But now in UE4, everything seems to use actual hard references to Anim Montages and Anim Sequences objects. So if we have two characters who we want the same code & blueprint animation logic on, but use different animation objects, we don’t have the abstraction of simply swapping the AnimSet anymore? We’d have to go through and change every AnimSequence/AnimMontage reference individually all the variables of the Blueprints? For 50+ animations, that seems like a lot of work and prone to error? Similarly, if we wanted equipping a different piece of armor to change the animation used on the player character, we couldn’t automatically override that without setting all the specific animation reference variables to change out? (In UE3, the AnimSets array would have later animsequences automatically override earlier ones, so it was pretty abstract.)

Does anyone have an idea for a better solution to this? Tempted to do some low-level hackery to override animations in the SkeletalMeshComponent, but would love to avoid that if possible…

Thanks all!