Best way of recreating landscape?

What is the most efficient way of recreating a landscape, if I don’t have a heightmap, only some pictures?

I want to recreate the terrain of an older game with ugly graphics as some kind of fan art. It uses an own engine (Tachyon Engine or whatever) and I don’t have access for it’s models. My first thought was blocking out with BSP then recreating it with UE4 Landscape Tool, but it takes too much time, because I don’t have exact values about heights.

Two sshots made ingame:

The only way is to create the landscape out of your mind + with some reference pictures. So either block out your level with bsp brushes and then create the landscape or create the landscape first and then add the meshes. Regarding to the scale you just have to test some different variations of scale -> just create a character - add it to your level - try to get the right scale so that it looks like in the game :slight_smile:

If you can in someway grab the 3d models you can sculpt a heightmap with that as a frozen, transparent overlay in the scene.