Best way manual timer?

Recently told the way I run a timer is not the correct way (image below) but have been using it since late 1990s. So what exactly is the correct way?

Well, I don’t know what they didn’t like about it, but why not just use a timeline?

How is this a timer to start with? Delay flooding the Latent system describes it more accurately :wink:

Why not the humble rInterpTo:

The above may not be good enough as you probably want it to work in a very specific way. A better question here is - what is that way?

  • do you want to always rotate over X seconds
  • do you want the rotation interpolation follow a specific curve (does duration matter here?)
  • do you want the rotation to be slow at first, fast in the middle and slow down towards the end (since we see Ease In Out here). Again, does duration matter?
  • how is target rotation value achieved?

What tool is best depends on the job. The Timeline mentioned above would fit spot on into the first bullet point of mine, for example.

It may as well be a horrible choice if we’re turning a spaceship during a real-time dogfight, but work flawlessly in a turn-based game.

What are we supposed to rotate and how?

True there may be a need to use more specific things depending on the task. Looking back way before Unreal Engine was even created most functions that loop and need to be slowed down will use a delay.