best way for turning lights on / off with near STATIC lightning quality

hey guys - i already searched the forum but couldn’t find helpful answers

so i want to make a light switch with good lightning quality… - i know that its not possible to change the lightning in realtime with static lighting.
how would you do that? stationary lights let you just change the intensity of the DIRECT light, so its not possible to darken the room completly. and moveable lights are not really usable for arch viz
there are arch-vizs on youtube with interactable lights. whats the secret to make an interactive light with good quality? i know i could do the scene twice with different lightning but thats bad because of obvious reasons.
is there a trick i’ve never heard of? changing lights add a lot of immersion. i think we need a kind of darkmap, don’t we? so we could replace the lightmaps. let me hear your solutions. =)

greetings :slight_smile:

I suppose the easiest way to go about this is by setting up several PPV’s and tying the lightswitch via Blueprints to one that gives you more control over exposure stuff.
Also have a look at the Kite Demo example. It will take 2 years to get things fully compiled and loaded on first boot but after that it will give you access to a nice suit of rather
complicated blueprints for changing LUTS and post process settings via triggers and individual levels.

Do you really need a pitch black room? It’s not interesting in a architecture presentation imo.

Bake the scene with the natural lighting you want (day, evening or night) 100% static
Any artificial light, especially lamps, can be movable (dynamic)

Best of both worlds!